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Atomic 10 GPP is a program designed to provide General Physical Preparedness (GPP) to young athletes between the ages of 13 and 16.  Core to the GPP philosophy, Atomic 10 does not provide specialized training but institutes a well rounded path to athletic achievements.  

Atomic 10 GPP is supplemental to school, select and recreational athletics.  It’s core intention is to build strength, increase jumping ability and install self confidence.

Athletic achievements sought through the Atomic 10 program include; increased jumping ability, a higher strength output based on body weight, increased flexibility and a better overall self awareness and confidence.

Athletic achievements are attained through a variety of activities such as weighted exercises, body weight activities and metabolic conditioning, collectively resulting in overall athletic improvements.

There are only 10 spaces available for each monthly session.

Weighted Exercises - Barbell and Equipment work

Yes, the barbell work is designed to increase the overall strength of the young athlete but it also provides a solid foundation for the student entering the high school weight room.  If only one thing is taken away from Atomic 10 it will be proper mechanics of lifting.  When the youth enters the new environment of the high school weight room he or she will have the understanding and wherewithal to lift safely and efficiently.

The young athlete will be coached on proper technique and form for basic lifting exercises (back squats, front squats, bench press and deadlifts).  Once the athlete has a solid understanding of barbell and body movements the athlete will move to more complex lifts.

Equipment used for weighted exercises include barbells and plates, kettle bells and dumb bells, wall balls (medicine balls), push and pull sleds and odd objects.

Please note that we will not perform maximum weighted lifts.  All programing will be based on body weight percentages or a 3 repetition max.

Body weight activities

Advantages of including body weight activities in the Atomic 10 program are many.  Besides the take home uses and involvement in group work outs, it requires the athlete to have better body awareness.  Body placement, leverage points and movement standards are all involved when performing body weight exercises like pull ups, sit ups, push ups, air squats, burpees and jumping rope.  Becoming proficient at these movements requires an understanding of how each body part works in unison to complete a task.

Metabolic Conditioning

Not just sprints and running (although we do that).

Success in a game / team oriented sport is in part to the athletes ability to out run, out perform and out last the opponent.  The ability to out perform the opponent over an extended period of time only provides an advantage as the game closes to an end.

Atomic 10 programming includes combined weighted and body weight work outs either performed over a defined period of time or to be performed as quickly as possible.  

The Atomic 10 program may sound familiar

Athletic training and programming is not new.  We have always strived to become better at athletics and to do so many training programs have clouded our environment.  Atomic 10 is a combined approach of the GPP method, weight room mentality and good coaching.  All to provide the young athlete a solid athletic foundation to build upon her or his baseball, volleyball, soccer, football, rugby, tennis, basketball or track career.


A one hour sample session named "Jump"

Jumping Test

5 Rounds NFT (Not For Time)

5 Soft Box Squats (40-60% Body Weight) - half squats using a bench or soft box for support with pause, belly breath, explode

5 Bulgarian Split Squats - Body Weight / Long Extension - Hamstring Focus

10 Box Jumps Varied Heights

    18”, 24”, 20”, 18’, 30” then back (scale height as needed)

GHD Work

3 Rds of 5 Back Extensions

3 Rds of 5 Glute Ham Raises

Sled Push

Body Weight 30 M X 2

Met Con - 5 Rounds for Time 

7 box jumps

10 Wallballs

200 meter run


ATOMic 10 Baseball

Atomic 10 Baseball is a group of multi-sport athletes who love to play baseball.  A majority of our athletes are not sport specific.  Football, basketball, soccer, weightlifting, CrossFit and track are included in the deck of sports that Atomic 10 athletes participate in.  During the Atomic 10 Baseball season the team will participate in multiple tournaments per month and provide multiple practices per week.


During the hour plus practice much of the time will be oriented to teaching "the game".  Situational baseball is presented to the players in a variety of manners.  Each practice will (re)introduce terminology and situations to the player that should be understood prior to High School baseball.

SO there is take home work.  Concepts and rules introduced during the practices will need to be demonstrated by the player in following practices (and ultimately the game).  A little studying is required.


Head Coach - Jabbar Roberts

Game and Practice Coach - Thomas Maldonado

Strength and Conditioning - George Culver


With Atomic CrossFit located in Stafford, Tx. most of our athletes reside in the Stafford, Sugar Land and Richmond area.


More details

visit the Atomic 10 baseball page.