Griffin culver

Multi Sport Athlete - Baseball, CrossFit, Basketball and Track

February 2018- 13 Years Old, 5' 8" 164 lbs

April 2018 - 13 Years Old, 5' 9", 162 lbs

3 Rep Working Bench Press = 125 lbs

3 Rep Working Back Squat = 205 lbs

3 Rep Working Dead Lift = 245 lbs

3 Rep Working Clean = 135 lbs

Over Head Squat = 75 lbs

Max Burpees in a Minute = 25

*working - we do not approach a true maximum effort.  We use a working weight.  One that maintains the technique and mechanics of the lift and demonstrates a good working effort.



Since the age of 4, Griffin has been playing within a combined Select and Little League baseball environment.  Mainly a Third Baseman, Griffin also plays Catcher, Pitcher and First Base (when needed).  As a 4 hole hitter, his bat has consistently been coached under Kyle Washington for the last several years.  Home Runs and Base Hits are routine with a couple Grand Slams thrown into the mix.



Griffin has been following the CrossFit path since the age of 11.  Core to the CrossFit ...


2018 7th Grade Track Season


400 M Dash - 3rd

4 x 400 Relay - 3rd, 3rd, 4th

4 x 100 Relay - 5th, 5th

4 x 200 Relay - 5th, 5th

Shot Put - 3rd, 6th

Discuss - 4th


Shot Put - 5th

4 x 200 Relay - 5th



The Multi-Sport, CrossFit core athlete is evident in Griffin's Track and Field Activities.  A true TRACK and FIELD day consists of the Shot Put, Discus, 400 m, 4 x 400 and 4 x 200.  5th place in District for Shot Put and 4th in District for 4x200 Relay.


weightlifting meet - first place in division overall